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The love for creating children's books started when I was six years old. Gathering pieces of paper and stapling down the middle (it's spine in book creating terms) began my journey of creating books. It wasn't until I held my first self-published book in my hands that I realized my long time childhood dream came true.

Today, I'm eager to help people turn their dreams into a business that's creative, meaningful, and successful. You can see me as your personal human vision board helping you see and bring your dream to life!


  • Bachelor's degree in sociology and minor in women's studies.

  • Member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

  • Member of Children's Book Writers of Los Angeles.

  • Self-published children's book in 2017.

  • Second children's book coming Summer 2020.

  • Angel Face– The Ballerina Dancing In The Moonlight is sold on Amazon.

  • Small business owner since 2010–from construction to clothing. I've had my share of experiences in running a business.

  • Founder of Hope Gatekeepers a nonprofit organization to educate the community about suicide prevention.

Just like anyone else–I have a story. You can listen to part of my story here.

Blessed + Thankful + Grateful

Misty E Rivera

My Story

My ultimate goal on this journey is after people read my story they would find hope and a stronger faith in God.

Misty E Rivera

Interviewed by

Dr. Reuben 

At the age of 22 years old, my first husband Jason committed suicide after 10 months of marriage and before our daughter's second birthday.


Jason and I grew up in the same small city. We became friends at the age of twelve. We shared the same friends and attended the same schools. Jason was the type of person you would say, "He would never do something like that! He's always so happy!" He was the person who lit up the room and made everyone feel special and loved. Whether he was dancing around making people laugh or complimenting someone's new shoes, Jason was uplifting and had a beautiful spirit. What most of his friends and family didn't know was that Jason dealt with depression most of his life. The story Jason told me, was his mom left him with his dad at the age of five. Growing up feeling rejected by his mother was a huge deal to him--and he couldn't get over it. 

Had I known what I know now, I would definitely found help. Eighteen years ago, suicide wasn't a popular topic like it is today. There are hundreds if not thousands of organizations to help people who feel like committing suicide and help for those who lost a loved one to suicide. 

Today, I'm on a new journey of healing. I'm telling my story because now I'm ready. Over the last eighteen years, I have gone through all the stages of grief and healed from abandonment, rejection, and anger. It was a long process but through it all I have become an advocate for helping broken people.

If you are battling with suicidal thoughts please get help. You are loved. You are NOT alone. 

Suicide Prevention

Today, I am a grateful wife and mother of two daughters. My first children's book is dedicated to my first born daughter and those who lost a loved one to suicide. I'm currently working on self-publishing my second book which consists of 16 different poems with interactive rhyming, counting, and learning about friendship and good manners. My vision and dream is to inspire people to keep moving forward even when life hits you with a curve ball. My ultimate goal on this journey is after people read my story they would find hope and a stronger faith in God.

If you need prayer or would like to learn more about my story please email