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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

May 12, 2019 is Mother's Day! Let's get our gifts ON for the woman who gave birth to you. Here's a list of ideas for the special Mom in your life.

1. Candles (Bible Verses Included)

What woman doesn't love a candle or two or three! I do! Keimesha has created lovely scents--but what's so amazingly different than other brands....the LOVE she puts into each order. Your order comes in a ready-to-give box that's SO cute that I personally reuse them for things around the house. don't need wrapping paper (more money in your pocket!) You can learn more @p.smadeformorecandleco or

2. Jewelry

The first gift that comes to mind when wanting to WOW mom. BUT wait! You don't want to give your awesome mom ordinary jewelry-- she deserves EXTRAORDINARY jewelry. BEXO Jewelry is handmade by a beautiful couple who has inspired the Orange County Fashion with their classy necklaces, darling earrings, elegant rings; they're sure to make any outfit look its best. To learn more visit @shopbexo or

3. Organic Makeup

Yes, you can pick Mom's makeup color because it's all natural! Mom will love you for it! Most women today are making the switch...maybe your mom doesn't know about the health effects of all the nasty chemicals in our makeup products OR maybe she does (whoop, whoop!) Help your mom get started on the healthy side by visiting @blissfulorganixmakeup or

4. Hair Products (She deserves to let her hair down!)

Does your mom complain about thinning hair or frizz that she can't seem to get rid of? Carol has been personally using Monat for over 6 months and has seen amazing results that lead her to share her story. Although she's in the so-called aging years of her life--you wouldn't know by looking at her! Her crown of beautiful full hair has become one of her personal assets and she continues to pamper herself with Monat products. From one mom to another--your mom would appreciate the kindness of helping her take care of her personal assets (wink, wink!). To learn more visit

5. Cookbook of 2019

If mom loves to cook well this is the cookbook she needs! If you haven't watch Samin Nosrat on Netflix--then you're definitely missing out on cooking tips that can change the way you see food. Pick up a copy for mom and help her in the kitchen; it's the best way to create memories.

Have fun choosing the perfect gift for your mom...and don't forget life's short so give her plenty of hugs and kisses!


Misty E. Rivera


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